Quest Master (Steam) PC Account

Quest Master (Steam) PC Account


Hey gamers! 🎮 Great news – no CD-KEY needed! We're creating a budget-friendly NEW ACCOUNT for you. Your game is ready to download and play. Just use the login details we've sent. Dive into fun! 🚀

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In Quest Master your wildest dungeon designs come alive and beckon adventurers from around the globe to test their mettle. It’s a world where your imagination reigns supreme, and every challenge you craft is a siren call to glory-seekers eager for the thrill of your creation!


An endless canvas. Add additional floors to your dungeon and make them as big as you can imagine.

Cycle between unique dungeon themes with the click of a button to give your dungeon a fresh coat of paint. Set your dungeon in a sand temple, a fiery cavern or in a lush forest. All components of the dungeon swap on the fly — you’re never locked into just one.


Creating interactions is as simple as drag and drop! Place items in chests or make an enemy ride a minecart.
Use the context menu to change properties and add conditions using shape matching or predefined conditions.


Have some inventive friends? Round them up and work together to build and explore in local co-op with up to 3 friends.
Don’t have friends? Use puppets to swap between other characters so you can play multiplayer dungeons even while alone.


Built the perfect dungeon? Upload it for other players to test their mettle. Need a new challenge? Dive into another dungeon from the ever-growing list of community-uploaded creations and compete with other players for the world record.


Take a break from dungeon creation and diving with side-activities and mini-games in Castle Town like Lucky’s Locks.
Train your combat abilities at the dojo!


A variety of rings can be equipped before tackling dungeons that give player various benefits like health regeneration or improved combat abilities!


In the verdant kingdom of Aetheria, beneath its serene landscapes and bountiful prosperity lies a hidden network of Aetherial Veins, mystic channels of magical energy that weave through the earth like the veins of a gigantic, slumbering dragon. These veins energize the Great Barrier, a mystical shield defending the realm from darkness. However, when a vile poison begins to corrupt the veins, monsters assail the kingdom, and the Great Barrier’s weakening sends a shadow of fear across the land.
Step into the boots of Lanze, a fledgling Quest Master tasked with engineering intricate dungeons to protect his kingdom. In your journeys, ally with the Princess Javelyn and Shiv, the Rabbit Thief, to embark on a journey across six unique biomes to battle the corruption that threatens to infect the veins beneath their homeland.

A perilous and wondrous adventure awaits the trio – from the fiery depths of the Emberstone Quarry to the sun-bathed dunes of the Sandswept Ruins – as well as the signs of greater ambitions that taint Aetheria.

Quest Master (Steam) PC Account
Quest Master (Steam) PC Account


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