How to install Steam Game delivers an account on which you must log in to download the game order. If the Family Share is not available for the game ordered, please play with the Enjify Account.This YOUR Account !

– Open the Steam APP.
– Enter the Username and Password you receive by E-mail and in your Client Area from ( License : [Steam Name] XXXXXX [Pass] XXXXXXXX )
– Go to Library on your Steam APP and Download the Game.

1. Log into Steam with account details send by

2. Go to Account details page and change email (under “Contact info”):

3. In new window choose FIRST option to send a confirmation code to default email.

If you need a security code to enter the account please contact our livechat support team who will be able to help you with this.

4. Use the code above to confirm email change in Steam.

5. Now you can change your password (on the Account details page under “Account security”):

Confirmation code will be sent to the email address you set on step #2.

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