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Please read the following delivery and refund policy before purchasing access codes/accounts for games and/or digital content on this website.

1. Who we are

1.1. These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) govern the delivery and redemption by Universal Gaming, a private company incorporated under the laws of France with registration number 82932541400037 and whose registered office is located at 384 Route de Rouen, 76480 Yainville (“Electronic First”, “we”, “us”, “our”) of access codes/accounts to digital content through the website and our mobile applications (the “Website”).

2. Conditions of Delivery of our products

2.1 The user will receive after the validation of the payment of his/her order, the code/account giving access to the download/digital content by email.

2.2 In some cases we may link the order to the buyer’s account created on the www.Electronic First com website.

2.2.1 The code/account can only be linked to a user account on if the user has previously created an account on our website.

2.3 The code/account will be delivered in accordance with the conditions mentioned on the product sheet visible on the website, you can find these conditions in the upper right corner of all product sheets visible on our website.

2.4 Codes/accounts are delivered immediately by email when the term “immediate delivery” is mentioned on the product sheet. Otherwise, a maximum of 24 hours will be required for the delivery of your code/account.

3. Conditions of Refunds

3.1 We will issue a refund in the following circumstances:

– The item you purchased is out of stock.
– Sometimes we need your help to verify payment information. If you refuse or do not respond to our request within 5 days, your order will be cancelled and a refund will be issued immediately.
– If your payment is less than the price listed on our site, you will be given the option to make a full payment. If you refuse or do not respond to our request within 5 days, your order will be cancelled and a refund will be issued immediately.

3.2 Refunds will not be issued for the following reasons:

– You find a lower price on another website.
– You request a refund because you have changed your mind and do not want the product after it has already been ordered.

3.3 For any other reason not specified in section 3.1 above, your request for a refund will not be successful.

3.4 As we issue a refund based on the method of payment used at the time of your order, it may take up to 28 working days for the refund to be processed by the banking system.

3.5 In the event that a refund is granted to your Electronic First wallet, You will receive a refund of your purchase within forty-eight hours.

3.6 The customer cannot request a refund before the delay of 3 days. If the game is not delivered in the delay of 3 days, the customer can request the refund.


4.1 Refunds are designed to eliminate the risk associated with purchasing securities on Electronic First – not as a means of obtaining free games.

4.2 If it appears to us that you are abusing refunds, we may stop offering them to you.

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